What is 811?

811 is a national phone number used to notify utilities prior to any digging. Similar to 411, 511, 611, etc... SIMPLY dialing 811 will route you to the correct Notification Center in the state from which you are calling. By having this national number, 811 has been very successful in reducing damage to underground facilities.

Is 811 just a phone number?

No. While 811 is definitely a phone number, it doesn't stop there. 811 is also a generic term for the entire "before you dig" industry. There are numerous ways to contact 811 centers. With the huge rise and popularity of do-it-yourselfers (DIY) most, if not all, centers have ways for everyone digging to submit tickets without having to call. These services are available 24/7 and take less time than calling, and we all know there aren't enough hours in the day already for everything needed to get done. More and more Notification Centers are constantly trying to add ways to make it even easier to DIYers online by simplifying needed information, making mobile apps, cross platform web services and much more. The easier it is, the more they will use it and this reduces damages to underground lines, injuries and even deaths.

Need more information?

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